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I’ve downloaded an episode but it doesn’t work properly. What should I do?

We recommend you notify about unworking episode on the Piste Gamez forum. You can contact the author of that episode if they are registered members of the message board. All episodes that are under label "tested episodes" should work properly. "Untested episodes" have not been tested by us and thus we don’t promise they’ll work.

How do I send you my episode?

Follow the instructions of our episode/resource submission page.

My PK2 isn’t working properly!

Many people have faced problems when running PK2 on modern Windows such as Windows 7. See this for more information about the topic.

Who are running the site?

See our about page and section for staff.

I have found a broken link / a missing file!

Please contact us and let us know.

I looked up this FAQ and didn’t see the question I’d like to have answer to.

You can try to look for an answer for you question from this help page. You may also want to ask for help on the Piste Gamez forum or Piste Gamez forum Discord server. You may also contact us. If your question is asked frequently, it will probably end up on this FAQ.

Help Articles & Tutorials

How to Run PK2 on Modern Operating Systems

If you have trouble running Pekka Kana 2 on modern operating systems, take a look at this article:

If it does not help, you may find most recent information on Piste Gamez forum thread on the topic.


Help Articles