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Creative Commons license


  1. Everything in The Pekka Kana 2 Library (PK2Lib) is totally free (this includes episode downloads, reviews, etc). We are a fan project and as a such, we will never make any profit out of it!
  2. All submitted episodes/maps/resources that are approved and added to pk2lib are the original creation of their respective creators (the map maker(s) who created them). We assume that the map/episode/resource authors agree to release their works as/for free. We also assume that any derivative works based on these aforementioned creations are allowed if proper credit to the original author(s) is given. Giving credit means including information about the original author and the original work in a text (.TXT) file added to the .ZIP package of the derivative work when you’re planning on submitting your derivative to pk2lib or elsewhere. To paraphrase, the thing that is needed to give credit to the original author, whose work you’ve modified and plan to share as a derivative work, is to explicitly state (write) the nickname (pseudonym) and/or real name of the original author, along with info about the original work (if there is any) and to include an URL/URI hyperlink to the original author’s webpage or to a webpage that hosts the original work. We also advise modifiers (authors of derivative works based on other’s original or modified work) to include information about themselves (like nickname and/or e-mail) and their derivative work in the same manner if they plan on submitting these derivative works of theirs to pk2lib, or redistributing them in some other way. It is also a very good idea for you to have multiple (preferably safe/secure) backups of your creations in case something happens that wipes everything (hopefully, there won’t be any such incidents…). This also goes for the pk2lib staff – we’ll try to make regular (weekly or monthly) backups of the whole contents of the pk2lib website in case we need them to restore stuff.
  3. All episode/map/resource reviews ARE the creation and personal opinion of their respective writers (i.e. the reviewer(s) who wrote them). Mistakes and inaccuracies ARE possible and will be fixed as soon as they come to our attention (if pointed out by readers like you). Slight changes to posts and/or pages are possible and should be done only in order to fix language mistakes (typos, punctuation, clarity of expression, etc.) or inaccuracies.
  4. The episode files, screenshots and other resources are hosted in 2 ways:
    1. on our Dropbox Public folder, and
    2. on free file hosting services, such as
    We are not affiliated with these websites in any way, we just make use of their generous free hosting services. The above means that downloading locally hosted files listed on pk2lib (from our EpisodeDB and/or ResDB) may sometimes be impossible (unavailable) due to maintenance offline times for our web hosting. Similarly, our mirror downloads of files at and/or images on may sometimes be unavailable due to these websites being offline, under maintenance or experiencing problems. If you face such an offline time that doesn’t permit you to download files listed on pk2lib, you could either:
    1. wait some hours in hope that the servers will be up and running by then, or
    2. try to search for the target files using a search engine like Google (the Piste Gamez forums are a great second stop, search those forums before/after googling, there’s a good chance that luck may shine upon you there).
  5. The PK2Lib is NOT to be held liable/responsible for any and all damage that may arise from the use (playing) of submitted PK2 episodes/maps OR from the following of tips or other types of instructions and advice mentioned in articles (posts and/or pages), graphic guides and episode reviews. We’re also not liable/responsible for damages arising from attempted modifications, i.e. misuse (or “abuse”), of maps/episodes, resources or official PK2 files.
  6. Some portions of this website use copyrighted in-game graphics from Pekka Kana 2, created and owned by Piste Gamez / Janne Kivilahti. These graphics and/or other types of resouces are used under a Fair Use policy and their purpose is to present the main topic of this website (which is Pekka Kana 2 stuff) via easily recognizable, distinctive official (or modified) PK2 images that players of PK2 know, love and relate to the game experience (gameplay) and design of the original PK2 game. The same policy is used for other content for informative (review) purposes. Such content includes custom user-created images (like screenshots, sprites, backgrounds, etc), sound and video materials, as well as description texts and screenshots from the old PK2 Mapstore. All of these materials are used in reviews of episodes, in posts, pages, comments and/or in guides and tutorials.